...it is from that hour that I incline to date my Spiritual New-birth, or Baphometic Fire-baptism; perhaps I directly thereupon began to be a Pig.

January 30, 2006

An Evening's Entertainment

Maude and Bessie were excited to take a tour of the office this evening, peeing in a corner and chasing each other up and down the room. Here they pose in a moody, rock-band-like tete-a-tete, with their beloved broccoli stem.
Bessie took a time out to enjoy her very favorite hobby (eating hay and veggies IS a career, don't you know?) -- chewing cardboard kleenex boxes. Note the adorable pouty guinea lips!
Miss Bessie still has a ways to go before she stops looking so plump and tasty. I love how she flops around with her fat belly and those ridiculous little chicken legs and feet! Here she's leaning on Maude as Maude attempts to drink from the wrong side of the water bottle. My little sweetnesses!

January 29, 2006

Farewell, Baruchito

Maude and Bessie are very saddened by the passing of their virtual friend, Baruchito the Hamster, who lived in Japan with his "Papa" Javi. Poor little guy! He got sick just last week. He fought a brave fight, but eventually left for the Rainbow Bridge yesterday evening. What a cutie. He will be missed!

January 26, 2006

Exciting morning

This morning I cleaned out the piggie cage and gave them some of their favorite veggies: broccoli, red pepper, and celery tops! While the big cleanout was going on, Maude and Bessie shared a kleenex box as an appetizer. How sweet!

January 25, 2006

It's Bedtime for Piggleses

Before bed, Bessie needs a few sips of water. Maude's like, Bessie! Just drink your water and go to bed! Geez!
Maudie settles in for a comfortable night's sleep after a hard day of chewing, swallowing, and sometimes blinking. (If you look closely, you can see her eyes are actually closed! Other piggie owners --yes, you, ms. k! -- will understand why that's a big deal!)
Oh! I'm awake! I'm awake! Don't steal my pellets! (Guinea sleeps are pretty short.)
Mornin', Maude!

January 21, 2006

Creative Cookery

Da da da da da DA-DA! (Hockey Night in Canada Theme Music) Alex and I have been invited to watch the Habs-'Nucks game at our friends' place tonight, so I thought I'd bake up a special theme dessert for the occasion. Here we have Canuck-cakes and Canadien-cakes. Please note, the Canucks logo I chose, while not the one currently in use, is NOT incorrect. In case you didn't recognize it, it was on their jerseys from 1970-78. (Why, you ask? Simpler design: I'm good, but there's no way I could draw a friggin' orca -- especially not in icing, on a cupcake.)
It's not guinea pigtures, but they're having their usual lazy Saturday, spent entirely inside their pigloos. Not so interesting.
Ain't I crafty?

January 16, 2006

Wie geht's?

Hallo, deutsche PigBlog Leser! Wilkommen zu Maude and Bessies Website! Um, I hope that's comprehensible. I blame Babelfish if it's not.

Hey, check out this totally pooped piggie -- oder, auf Deutsche, ein ausgepumptes Meerschweinchen.

It's so cute how she sticks her little back legs out.

January 11, 2006


Floor time, another one of our efforts to keep the porkers' weight under control. Starts out like most floor time does, a little sniffing around, a little scuttling into corners...
Then BOOM! Oh no you didn't! Oh no you did not! You did NOT just pee in Maude's face in front of the BIBLE. That is WRONG! Jesus would be HORRIFIED with you right now. No! Now you're trying to EAT the Bible? Oh, man.
The spawn of SATAN!

Holiday pictures

Hello, this is Maude. Here are some photos from when Bessie and I went to stay with Twister and Chase for a week! Above, this is me, freaked out during floor time.

This is Bessie hiding in the pigloo during floor time. I think we were both really shy around Twister and Chase, because they're so cute and hunky.

Here's Twister getting weighed. What a cutie! Too bad he and Chase weren't allowed to really hang out with us!

Chase is all black with a little white. He and Bessie look most like potbellied pigs!

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at some of our holiday photos -- I was so mad that my PigBlogger posted pictures of her holiday but not of ours. It's a PIGBLOG, you stupid! Not a PEOPLEblog! Get your own blog!


January 09, 2006

In which Bessie gets off her fat Guinea Butt

So my pigs are a little lazy. Mostly this is my fault for being too absorbed in homework to take them out of the cage and prod their little butts all around my office. (They are a lazy bunch by nature, just like me.) But it's getting ridiculous now. Bessie weighs in just shy of a whopping 3 pounds, and to watch her waddle across the cage is just -- well, funny, but -- sad. She literally flops her butt over from side to side, to avoid picking up her huge girth and just going. Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but still, she's a porker. So today we removed the pigloos and set up all kinds of wierd objects in the cage to keep them busy.

They're really interested in this stuff, too: the empty envelope box, the tube, some balled-up paper (Maude is trying to throw the balls over the tube. Clever!). Bessie has actually picked her fat butt off the ground several times, and run around the box, then pushed the box around. But every so often she flops down, as pictured above, into a big puddle of pig. We're going to have to make a real effort this year.

PS: hi and thanks to Jesse for linking ye olde PigBlog! Maude and Bessie say "that's awesome!"

January 08, 2006


So we bought some celery to make something or other, and then remembered that the pigs really like it... they REALLY like it. Here is Bessie gnawing on a big ol' hunk of it. They like the leaves best, but Bessie also seems to enjoy the more crunchy, woody part of it. More so than Maude, that is.
Here Maude has dragged her preferred piece of celery over to the door of her pigloo, and waits with bated breath for an opportunity to sneak the snack inside, where she will noisily devour it. Note the intensity in her eyes... you can almost see the concentration as she eyes first Bessie, then the door.

Success!!! (Once she turned it the right way so it wouldn't get stuck crosswise.)

January 05, 2006

Help some cuties!

This is Bessie again. As most of you know, I was rescued from a shelter by my roommates. I'm happy to have a home (even though I poop in it!) You can help shelter animals too by clicking the button on this website. Every click means 0.6 bowls of food are donated to needy animals!
I'm starting the Year of the Guinea off right. I'm going to be a more mellow, less grumpy pig. I might even share some broccoli with Maude.

Love, Bessie

January 02, 2006

Happy Year of the Guinea!

Happy 2006!

The piggleses are home at last after their long sojourn away and are very happy to settle back into their routine, although I think they were a little sad to leave "Grandma & Grandpa's" house. It's nice to have their little squeaks and hoots back to give our place a little je-ne-sais-quoi. It felt flat, the few days we were here pigless.

I think the girls are tired from their car journey. It's not their favorite thing in the world, this travelling by car. I took one on-ramp at a pretty good clip at one point and heard some little feet scuttle sideways, as a pig staggered into the side of the cage. That was followed by a clang as a food dish struck the water bottle. Sorry! Stay in your seats at all times, please!

Hope all of you PigBlog readers had a wonderful start to the Year of the Guinea, and that those of you who have to go back to work tomorrow aren't too blown away after a nice holiday!

The girls look forward to hearing from you all.