...it is from that hour that I incline to date my Spiritual New-birth, or Baphometic Fire-baptism; perhaps I directly thereupon began to be a Pig.

April 25, 2006

Oh no you di'int!

How hilarious/macabre is this? The husband of my equally pig-obsessed friend made this for her guinea Twister, because they kept seeing the ad for KFC's "Grilled Twister" sandwich! I love how you can get it (him) in BBQ Ranch or Roasted Garlic. Ewwwww!
It's a joke! Just a joke, folks! Sorry Mr. Twister!

April 17, 2006

Bath time for piggers

This is such a cute photo I just had to share. Little Mr. Chase here needed a bath recently, so his great owners obliged him! Doesn't he look like he's having fun? "C'mon in, the water's warm!"

April 10, 2006

Hay Fever!

Bessie sure does love that hay. She is twice the hay-lover Maude is. Maude's more of a pellets girl.

Big Butt Bessie

Sorry for the grainy photo, but I caught Bessie in a super-relaxed pose the other evening and just had to share. So cute. She looks like she's wearing little pantaloons or something. Oh, and it really shows off the little brown spot in an unfortunate place on her fur. Sigh. Bessie!

April 06, 2006

Guinea Tiff: Another Video Special