...it is from that hour that I incline to date my Spiritual New-birth, or Baphometic Fire-baptism; perhaps I directly thereupon began to be a Pig.

August 22, 2006

Home Renovations Take Two

So for whatever reason Blogger decided to eat that post about home renovations. Here we go again:

This weekend, I added a second floor to Maude and Bessie's piggie condo! After locking my keys in my car when I went to buy the material, and waiting an hour for the CAA guy to come (thanks for the membership, Grandma!), I finally made it home to start my project.

EDIT: Aha! Finally, pictures! Here, Maude is upstairs, but only because I put her up there; both pigs were TERRIFIED of the ramp at first. I later put Bessie up there but she freaked out and wouldn't come down. Eventually I had to lift her down.

But we went out on Sunday, and when we got back, both pigs were upstairs. I think Maude showed Bessie the way. Now they go up and down regularly, all by themselves. So proud!

And here is the totally awesome, not at all scary ramp -- complete with a non-slip rubber mat.

August 20, 2006

All your buns are belong to us...

This is obviously not pig-related.

I made the best cinnamon buns on Friday night /Saturday morning. Seriously. The recipe called them "clones of a cinnabon," you know, like the buns you can get at those cinnamon places in malls, and they were, in my opinion, even better. They're the best looking and best tasting cinnamon buns I've ever tried, let alone made. Yum! Here are some pictures to make you drool...

And a close-up shot:

August 08, 2006

Guineas beating the heat

Well, loyal pigblog readers, it's been a verrrry hotttt few weeks here in O-town. I'm so sorry for neglecting ye olde blogge, but it's so easy to get busy with other things in summer! Softball, car trips, parties... sigh. So thanks for sticking around.

T&C very kindly inquired as to how the piggies have been dealing with this heatwave. In fact, Maude and Bessie have been keeping cool by drinking plenty of fresh water, chowing down on plenty of freshly-washed lettuce and crunchy parsley, and sipping the occasional beer...

Heh heh -- just kidding, of course. I mean, doesn't Maude look completely horrified at the very thought of even approaching such a filthy object!!? (Also, that piece of bedding on her face looks like a raised eyebrow -- how a propos!)

Actually, the piggies' #1 way to beat the heat is air conditioning! We bought one this spring (after our old inherited A/C actually got blown in the window and flipped onto the floor, where it smashed to a million pieces last fall). Mostly we got it for the sake of the poor piggins, who would be all panting and floppy without it. A little like this.