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January 11, 2006

Holiday pictures

Hello, this is Maude. Here are some photos from when Bessie and I went to stay with Twister and Chase for a week! Above, this is me, freaked out during floor time.

This is Bessie hiding in the pigloo during floor time. I think we were both really shy around Twister and Chase, because they're so cute and hunky.

Here's Twister getting weighed. What a cutie! Too bad he and Chase weren't allowed to really hang out with us!

Chase is all black with a little white. He and Bessie look most like potbellied pigs!

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at some of our holiday photos -- I was so mad that my PigBlogger posted pictures of her holiday but not of ours. It's a PIGBLOG, you stupid! Not a PEOPLEblog! Get your own blog!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too cute! Twister and Chase loved the visit with the girls and especially love having their pictures on the web!

11:26 am  
Blogger m&b said...

Oooh! How sweet! Maude and Bessie have been sighing over Twister and Chase's pictures too.

12:09 pm  

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