...it is from that hour that I incline to date my Spiritual New-birth, or Baphometic Fire-baptism; perhaps I directly thereupon began to be a Pig.

January 08, 2006


So we bought some celery to make something or other, and then remembered that the pigs really like it... they REALLY like it. Here is Bessie gnawing on a big ol' hunk of it. They like the leaves best, but Bessie also seems to enjoy the more crunchy, woody part of it. More so than Maude, that is.
Here Maude has dragged her preferred piece of celery over to the door of her pigloo, and waits with bated breath for an opportunity to sneak the snack inside, where she will noisily devour it. Note the intensity in her eyes... you can almost see the concentration as she eyes first Bessie, then the door.

Success!!! (Once she turned it the right way so it wouldn't get stuck crosswise.)


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