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December 08, 2005

Experiment: Failed!

So I'm declaring the fleece experiment a failure. Not a dismal failure, but a failure nonetheless -- mostly due to my own lack of available leisure time in which to vacuum, change the underpadding and wipe the whole cage down multiple times a day. Seriously, how do people who use fleece keep it from stinking up the place?? I was never in the slightest bit allergic to the guineas before I used fleece... with fleece I started having epic sneezing fits and a runny nose just being in the same room as them. I think it was the lack of pee absorption. So we've switched -- not back to carefresh, since it was so crazy expensive -- but to aspen shavings, which are cheaper, and look a bit like fluffier pine but without the potentially harmful oils. Sigh. Maybe once I'm not so busy (like, when will that be?) I can go back to the fleece, but.... yewuuchhhk!

By the way, thanks to the well-wisher in the last post's comment! I'm nervous for this exam, but I'm so anxious to just write it and get it over with! I'd like to wish the best of luck to all my pigblog readers who are writing exams, handing in term papers, and getting very little sleep right now!

I'll let you know tomorrow how it turned out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!! I thought your exam was next week... I am losing it!

Also, newspaper works really well for us. Can't wait for the piggie visit! Miss K

9:11 am  

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